quarta-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2018


I learned to inhabit my lonely emotion.
I write to my imaginary son.
The same fictional childhood´s companion.
I live in the point of mutation.
I'm a chameleon, I'm a misguided person.
In search of shelter for my passion.

My meaningless expects a look´s reflection
Let me borrow some order invisible.
Let me accept the contradiction.
I hope the reconciliation of the impossible
Something that legitimates my madness.
But do not try to explain me on
I expose myself to extreme whiteness.
I´m not blessed, I beg your pardon.
I live on the edge sickness,
That was a close shave.
I´m like an actress!
I accept that change makes me an eternal child.
Good mood and a little pepper sauciness.
Always like to be a devil wild.

Nathalia Leão Garcia

January 10th 2018.


I invite you to reflect with me
Please help me to inquire.

Where are the kisses, pretty? Torn, tattered, unspeakable!

Where's the sharing and complicity?
Where all this vanity will leads us unutterable?

Where are the altars of our desires?
Why I can´t see me by
When I´m thinking about you guy?
Explain to me why?
If the words were lying?
I don’t recognize me in the framed picture, why?

Tentative thoughts lurking sanity youth.
Meanwhile, downstairs egos are struggling in my eyes
turning the whole truth
in pleasant lies

Nathalia Leão Garcia

January 10th 2018.


The exercise of ridicule can free us
of immutable certainties ways
Being afraid of part the process plus
We are fragile beings hey
Subject to rain and thunderstorms thus
Became to the beautiful days
Transformed into moonlit night.
Laugh, joy and mock censorship revolution.
Dream and desire healing power wright.
Take on the role of production
D´ont worry if the choice´s right.
Have a shadow for a mate evolution.
Just walk into the light.
The darkness shows us other instructions
Jump the wall and embrace the fool bright.
Attitude is needed to cross the border directions.
Get involved in a creative project,
Even the imagination
May seem to desert you yet.
You can enlighten your brain 
by keeping connection,
Draw a blank every time jet.
Yeah you could be a reaction.
Sometimes we need a break to free and let.
Something new as a contribution.

Nathalia Leão GarciaJanuary 10th 2018.


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