quarta-feira, 13 de abril de 2016


I am invested with the power from above
to get rid of the unfair task of judging.
I prefer to exchange soul cuddles
and now walk the paths
strained frustrations,
and pitiless demands.

There is nothing to forgive!
We are just lost souls
Swimming in circles against the current
Castaways who cling to their old fears
Survivors of magnifiers
The soulless prejudice

My compulsion is mitomania
I'm addicted to mystify, mislead me.
I am a collection of idiosyncrasies,
Myriad of dreams,
cosmic dust emotions.
Rereading asleep poems
On sunny mornings.

I don´t explain, neither justify me!
I only ask you 
accept me as I am!
Don´t  slice me!
Swallow me whole without chewing.
Your teeth tear my fragile being.
Your fierce desire to classify.
Scrunch my nerves.

Submit myself to the ineluctable laws
I am a changing!
Processes and losses.
Freed me from the cocoons.
Detachment me of shells.
I seek refuge.
I expose myself to visitors.

Nathalia Leão Garcia

April 13th , 2016



I learned to inhabit my lonely emotion. I write to my imaginary son. The same fictional childhood´s companion. I live in the point ...