quinta-feira, 14 de abril de 2016


Nothing we know protects us from life's surprises
Love is to abandon yourself to the taste of excitement.
Capricious dance of love and pain.
You think their mission was accomplished?
Better to say that the road is long.

The way is uncertain,
Rough  terrain, rugged backcountry.
Blind guide us along the path perceived
We crossed rivers and minefields.

Where are our sensors?
Many questions are gifts that free us.
We welcome our concerns.

We chose to let go of certainties
Many excuses are barriers that limit us.
Taking the blame
is giving yourself too much importance.

Take yourself too seriously
departs from the heart of passions.
The song blowing in the wind
teaches us to live untied.

Denude the soul,
put off mishaps blunted.

Inhale and exhale the blue crudities.
Loosens and throw open the windows
to the entry of light.

Nahalia Leão Garcia
January 15th , 2013


I learned to inhabit my lonely emotion. I write to my imaginary son. The same fictional childhood´s companion. I live in the point ...