quinta-feira, 14 de abril de 2016


My soul cries out for light
Desperately lonely soul
Debugs poisons
Forgive the sins

Collapses in the corners
Lost in the alleys

My obscene verses
Blaspheme, slander
Annoy, mislead.

Don´t rely on the wind!
Don´t rely on time!
Abandon the illusion!

Nothing can rescue you
from the ignorance´s darkness.
Poor lost soul!
Gasp in clouds.

The delicate sound of thunder.
dethroning virtues
Devastating hope

Whispers of terror
rebel resistance

Not shown!
No one denies!

Just struggling against the rocks.
Stones that insist on blocking
ours routes.

That obscure desire´s object
Envied, worshiped
dust that turns dreams.

I ask only peace
And that a feeling
can answer this point
In its tortuous lines.

Melting glaciers
Open up this jungle clearings
Wild forest dead end  
To be up creek.

Surviving the bumps and hiccups.
In a Homeric battles!

This feeling could
show me an answer
In its sinuous lines.

Wearing my fragility
with tissue pain that makes me
warrior eye wet
for all eternity.

Nathalia Leão Garcia
April 14th , 2016


I learned to inhabit my lonely emotion. I write to my imaginary son. The same fictional childhood´s companion. I live in the point ...