segunda-feira, 14 de maio de 2012


Once upon a time there is a blue boy

I used to dream about this little Angel.

Flying stealthy through my nights

And brightening my gray days.

Brushed me with your soft wings

And made me promises.

Offered me smiles and eluded me.

Haunted my ways and escaped.

Beautiful boy all blue!

That´s how I imagined him.

A kaleidoscope reflected his image.

A prism of light that bathed me.

With the projections of his spectrum subtle.

A divine miracle made me guardian and his mother.

This Angel who become a boy.

My dream has become a sweet reality.

I entered the mansion of pure feelings.

Where I live with my little Prince wrapped in blue.

April, 28th, 2012

Nathalia Leão Garcia 


I learned to inhabit my lonely emotion. I write to my imaginary son. The same fictional childhood´s companion. I live in the point ...